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About NurtureRN

We’re your Best Partner in your Nursing Journey.

Empowering the international nursing community through AI-powered customized learning, we will enhance the efficient participation of international nurses in the global nursing ecosystem – addressing a global healthcare issue and elevating the nursing profession.

Our Approach

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Why Us?
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The Landscape

We have focused on 2 areas for immediate action that can fast-track to realise opportunities for international nurses. Our ongoing ties with nursing schools, nursing students, active nurses and communities allow us to maximize our engagement across our international markets.

Why Us?

The Technology

Proprietary technologies where our curated and personalized NurtureNCLEXⓇ with 1-on-1 data-based consultations and Members-Only Community Platform that will provide the gateway needed for international nurses to partner them through the nursing career and beyond.
Why Us?

The Partners

Leading global nursing ecosystem partners offer invaluable support for market access & outreach, contents & sponsorships and career opportunities for sustainable establishment and growth of international nurses globally.

Why Us?

The Team

Our efforts are broadened by world-class team with local understanding and global experience with domain expertise in nursing, technology and business.

Our Story

Hear about our Founding Story

Based in Singapore, United States and Philippines.
Nursing has always been an area of interest for the founders as we wanted to highlight the importance of the nursing community within the healthcare industry. Admittedly, NurtureRN wasn’t their first idea on this.

However, COVID-19 got the ball rolling as it has highlighted the challenges faced by healthcare frontliners especially the nurses during the pandemic. The physical presence and the human care being delivered by the nurses was the key element in fighting the pandemic.

The team has decided to take a collective look at the nursing community and the key issue that stood out was the role of international nurses and how it can address not just the immediate challenges faced by the current global healthcare community and for the foreseeable future.

Wanting to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the mindset of the international nurses, aspirants and the hospitals; the team has conducted several focus-group discussions across the US, the Philippines, Singapore and India.

Hence, NurtureRN was founded to be the most nurse-centric company for the international nursing community and the global healthcare ecosystem. NurtureRN will bring impactful services and products to the international nurses when and where they need it.