Our Product

NurtureNCLEX is a combination of diagnostic and formative assessment tool tool that is curated specifically for nurses educated outside of the U.S. to help them have the best chance of passing the U.S. nursing board exam, NCLEX-RN. 


NurtureNCLEX is curated and personalized  with 1-on-1 data-based consultations, the vision is to explore many possibilities and customize the entire examination journey to help educate nursing students and active nurses so that they will have a better perspective of what it is like to be a nurse capable of putting his/her expertise anywhere in the globe, and even share the latest insights and opportunities for nurses globally.


Our Community

NurtureNCLEX learners are entitled to exclusive access to AlagaRN that will provide the gateway needed for international nurses to partner them through the nursing career and beyond.

Our efforts are broadened by a world-class team with local understanding and global experience with domain expertise in nursing, technology and business.

Leading global nursing ecosystem partners offer invaluable support for market access & outreach, contents & sponsorships and career opportunities for sustainable establishment and growth of international nurses globally.

Members-only global nursing community platform will serve as a gateway for the ecosystem to educate, share the latest insights and opportunities for nurses globally.

International Conference and Roadshows for NurtureRN with ecosystem partners to promote and strengthen the opportunities for international nurses in the global healthcare industry.


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