Opportunities beyond Borders

Nursing is a profession focused on the care of individuals, families, and communities so they may attain, maintain, or recover optimal health and quality of life. We envision a world where the nurses have the tools to seize their opportunities wherever it may be – a brighter future made possible by its own community and ecosystem enablers.

Our Vision of International Nurses

How it Started

Nursing has always been an area of interest for the founders as we wanted to highlight the importance of the nursing community within the healthcare industry. Admittedly, NurtureRN wasn’t their first idea on this.

However, COVID-19 got the ball rolling as it has highlighted the challenges faced by healthcare frontliners especially the nurses during the pandemic. The physical presence and the human care being delivered by the nurses was the key element in fighting the pandemic.

The team has decided to take a collective look at the nursing community and the key issue that stood out was the role of international nurses and how it can address not just the immediate challenges faced by the current global healthcare community and for the foreseeable future.

Wanting to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of the mindset of the international nurses, aspirants and the hospitals; the team has conducted several focus-group discussions across the US, the Philippines, Singapore and India.

Hence, NurtureRN was founded to be the most nurse-centric company for the international nursing community and the global healthcare ecosystem. NurtureRN will bring impactful services and products to the international nurses when and where they need it.

Where We Are Today

NurtureRN is a global brand with local presence across the world. Headquartered in Singapore with a content domain expert office in New Jersey, USA and our channel partners in the Philippines and South Africa.

Our Supporters


The Process

Empowering the international nursing community through customized hybrid-product offerings, we will enhance the efficient participation of international nurses to the global nursing ecosystem – addressing a global healthcare issue and elevating the nursing profession.

Through our proprietary NurtureNCLEX, we will curate and customise the test journey with nursing students and active nurses Members-only global nursing community platform will serve as a gateway for the ecosystem to educate, share the latest insights and opportunities for nurses globally.

Globalization of NurtureNCLEX to key countries to address the local gaps and challenges.

International Conference and RoadShows for NurtureRN with ecosystem partners to promote and strengthen the opportunities for international nurses in the global healthcare industry.

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